February 20, 2009

The Visitor

You disembark from the train with a bit of trepidation, unsure of your reception in this strange new place. Your movements are awkward in this strange attire, and you are afraid of making a fool of yourself. But friendly folks greet you and make you welcome, offer you a place to stay, clothes to wear, directions to make your way in this strange new place. You are shy and a bit afraid, as everyone seems rather grand, and formal, and talk a bit strangely. They use words and phrases that are unfamiliar to you. You are embarrassed to ask about things they seem to do with ease....this culture is new to you. So with some help you manage to make your way around, you figure out how to be in this strange new world, and soon you are no longer merely a visitor.
Oddly, you feel more isolated now than when you got off the train. All the friendly folks are helping others, and everyone seems to know everyone else. Conversations go along about things you do not understand, and questions asked are far too complex for you to answer. You decided to be brave and go to an announced dance, but the dance floor was crowded, and you could not move and kept bumping into people...you retreat in embarrassment and hide in your room, looking out the window and wondering how to fit in to this world. You ask a question one day, but your question gets lost in all the conversations. People you meet are polite, but busy.
Does any of this sound familiar?
Newcomers events are being planned right now to assist all the new friends we haven't met yet.
Hold out a hand, take a little time, and be a hero to someone...

February 11, 2009

Why I love Caledon State Chat

I have been thinking much about state chat in the last few months, as have many.
Having little new or of value to add to that discussion I did not comment, but now would like to put in my two cents.
I love state chat. In my opinion, calchat reflects who we are and makes us a community. It connects all our citizens, and allows us to interact from wherever we may be - in body (RL) or in spirit (SL). As has been said many times, communities or families are made up of disparate individuals who will not all get along or agree.
Calchat can be sublime. Last night was haiku, limericks, favorite quotes and even a few puns. The night before one of our friends came on to let us know she had survived a terrifying auto accident and was banged up but ok. We announce events, births and deaths in Calchat. We get silly, or angry or sentimental. We wax nostalgic or poetic. Sometimes we get rowdy or raunchy or loud.
But chat is how we are held together. I will not routinely meet many of my friends and neighbors because you are busy or I am busy. It is a wonderful and lovely treat when we can be face to face, but I treasure being able to stay connected to you all.
We are all a part of a wonderful community that we have created ourselves, and recreate constantly.

February 2, 2009

Busy, Busy

So much going on.....
New Toulouse has become a part of Edison now, and the Lovely Prim Minister Gabrielle Riel is now my new landlady in Algiers
Oxbridge Gateway is now open and our newest residents are beginning to arrive in Caledon at long last
I have completed the first stage of the Wind in the Willows build in Tanglewood at the end of Tinyville
Building continues on Caer Firnas
And a warm welcome back to Steam SkyCity for one of our esteemed Founders....
ambiant Kukulcan returns to our fair floating city!
and a warning, I am getting a bit of spring fever- so there will be events coming to SSC again very soon, including the Second Annual Steam SkyCity Spring Egg Hunt!