March 28, 2010

Pirates of the Caledonian...on Ice!

Yaaaarrrr! It be that time again – a time for raidin’ and piratin’ and this time we be on ice!

Everythin' be better on ice...

Be grabbin’ thar skates and a goodly bottle o’ rum and join Pirate Queen Gabrielle Riel, Cap’n Fuschia Begonia and Cabinboy Alfonso Avalanche on the 3rd o' April, 12-3pm SLT for an on ice spectalular.

So lets be skatin’, dancin', dinkin' and fillin’ them thar SLRFL coffers…

...on ice!

March 26, 2010

Upcoming Events - quick update

This Saturday March 27, Mr Monty Streusel is hosting a Scottish Dance at 1pm in his Ballroom. Soliel Snook will be providing the music for this evening of fun. Watch the notices for your invitation and landmark!

April 3, the event we wait for all year - Pirates of the Caledonian returns, and this time the Pirates are On Ice! Come see what the Pixie and her Strongman have cooked up for Caledon in their 4th annual Relay for Life event. More information to follow...

Do you have an idea for an event? Do you have an item you would like to donate for our upcoming Caledon Hunt? Please contact myself or Lucien Brentano, and thank you all for your support!

March 19, 2010

Relay for Life season begins in Caledon

The kickoff event for this year's Relay for Life season in Caledon will be the Purple Prom.
Held in a wooded clearing in Tanglewood, it promises to be an enchanting event.
The talented and charming Soliel Snook will be providing the music, and the wonderful people of Caledon will be providing the sparkling conversation and charming repartee. No pressure!

Upcoming events already on the calendar:

*Edit* Due to technical issues the 0pening of Our Lady of Hope Teaching Hospital and the RFL Vendors in Caledon Caer Firnas has been delayed and will be scheduled as soon as we get vendors reloaded.

The annual tradition that all of Caledon eagerly awaits each year....the Pirates of the Caledonian event courtesy of our own Pixie, Fuschia Begonia and her Strongman Alfonso Avalanche. And this is on Ice! So stoke the boilers on your SteamSkates, and polish your cutlass to a shine! Mark your calendar for Saturday, April 3rd.

More wonderful events will be arriving in the coming months including the return of the Grand Tour at the midpoint of Relay for Life season on May 15 & 16.
Watch the Caledon Events calendar, the Relay for Life event boards, and this blog for all the latest!

March 3, 2010

Relay for Life in Second Life

It is that time of year again!
Lucien Brentano has agreed to Captain our team this year, and I am co-Captain/Igor.

Caledon always has a lot of fun with our RFL season, with lots of talent and enthusiasm demonstrated. I expect no less this year. We will be doing our best to use various forums to communicate with everyone what events are happening and how our team is doing. Stay tuned here, on Facebook, on Twitter, on the Relay for Life in Second Life website:
as well as the notices that will be posted in the Independent State of Caledon Group.

Relay for Life has special meaning for me. My training and vocation is Hospice and Palliative Care. I have a lot of experience with cancer's devastating effects on individuals, families and communities. I also have personal experience with cancer, as my mother was diagnosed 3 years ago with lymphoma.
My focus has always been in education, because that is how we are going to beat cancer - by teaching everyone what to do to prevent cancer in the first place, detect cancer early when it occurs, and treat it successfully. Our Lady of Hope Hospital will be at Caer Firnas again this year with lots of educational material and the return of the walk-through organs!

The Eight Wonders of Caledon will be returning as well, and some new and exciting events will be available during the 16 weekends leading up to the grand Finale - the Relay itself.
It is my hope that in addition to being a fun way for folks to contribute to Cancer research and education, that what we teach might save some lives.
This is Why I Relay.