June 28, 2010

Around the Caledon in 80 Great Races....

Hokay! Or perhaps Hoka Hey....
In any case, on July 3rd at noon the brave Men and Women of Caledon will mount their steeds, then their boats, then their Cars, and finally their Airships....in a Rally to benefit Relay for Life!
Your Dauntless hostess has a new router, and has been building steam for this race. We meet at the Eyre Carriage House of the lovely Miss Virrgina Tombola to begin the race, and each contestant will receive a map of that leg of the race. There will be checkpoints that need to be touched along the way that will register your passing. Competitors are welcomed to include a passenger if they wish on any leg of the race.
We have had wonderful prizes donated by several generous Caledon merchants. And there will be an auction at the end of the race for a very special item as well :)
A box containing a freebie boat, a car and an airship are included, and Virrginia does provide a free demo horse outside her shop as well. I make no guarantees of the quality of the free vehicles as they come from my personal and somewhat dated freebie collection :)
Feel free to provide or purchase your own horse, you may provide your own physical vehicles (no multimove/non-phys please!) and only the horse may be a wearable vehicle. Preference is obviously for period appearing vehicles - one of the prizes will be for stylishness of vehicle and driver :)
Entry fee will be $L250 going to Relay for Life. There will be prizes and glory for those hardy and fearless souls who brave the trials and tribulations of racing on a weekend.

June 24, 2010

Oh My.....

Despite a very large dose of "wait and see", I must confess to the first sense of hopefulness I have felt about the LWCBN in quite some time.
I am fervently hoping for a focus on grid stability and fixing things that have been broken a very, very long time.
Welcome Back, Philip Linden.

June 23, 2010

D is for Desmond thrown out of a sleigh

For lovers of all things Gorey...

You are Cordially invited to a Gorey Ball to benefit Relay for Life
Sunday, June 27th at 4pm
High above
Caledon Tanglewood Forest

A tribute to all things Dark, Humorous and Crosshatched

The Fabulous Magdalena Kamenev will be providing the music

Some wonderful items will be available from several of Caledon's talented artists as well.

June 12, 2010

The Great Race - An apology

After lots of testing and no small amount of swearing, it is apparent that the Volare router is failing to fulfill it's assigned duties. This recalcitrant bit of equipment is due to become "spare parts" as soon as the replacement arrives. I am sure the HAL 2010 will be a huge improvement.

As a result, we have rescheduled the Great Race for July 3rd - with full faith that it will be technically feasible. So polish your horses and currycomb your automobiles! And braid the tails of your airships......*shuffles notes* Anyway - get ready for a very fun race guaranteed to crash, smash and generally make your life interesting.

I have wanted to do this event for 3 years....
But sadly, between the very poor performance of SL at present and the trouble we have with our connection, there is no way that anything that extensive is possible in the foreseeable future.
It breaks my heart that a simple race by land, air and water is no longer possible.
We are trying to get our connection issues resolved, and this may involve a new router. I also have a beloved dog who will be having a probably cancerous spleen removed on Friday. My time inworld for the next couple of weeks is going to be very, very focused.
I will be inworld on Tuesday for the Big Brass Balls with Miss Poppy DJing. I will also be inworld next Saturday for the Midsummer Dance being hosted by Mr Streusel.
We have some fun events coming up yet - that do not rely on the performance of the grid for success!
Please support RFL at Our Lady of Hope Teaching Hospital, vote for the 8 Wonders of Caledon, and go inside and learn something that could save yourself or someone you love!

June 9, 2010

Miss Caledon

Nominations are now being accepted for contestants to the title of Miss Caledon!
Miss Caledon 2010 contest is being held to benefit RFL, and voting via kiosk will determine who will have the Commonwealth title and crown.
Although the title will be "Miss Caledon" no matter who wins, the contest is open to any of the five sexes, and all pixel configurations. Contestant must be an avatar, so no inanimate objects or mustaches can become Miss Caledon (yes, he asked). Judges are exempt from running in order to maintain our complete and total objectivity.

The 8 Wonders of Caledon voting has begun as well - you will find the vendors where you can cast your votes for the 8 Wonders that epitomize all that is truly unique and special about Caledon! Our Lady of Hope Teaching Hospital and Vendor Garden in Caledon Caer Firnas.

June 7, 2010


After receiving a charming and apologetic response to some cranky IMs, the previous blog posting seemed rather mean-spirited so I removed it.
Let us just say that it is very good personal security and good etiquette to uncheck the box that sends your SL IMs to email if that email has a vaction autoresponse turned on. Especially if that autoresponse will reveal you true name, your location, or personal details (like that your home will be unattended for some time!)
And I truly hope that all who are having a holiday now have a wonderful time!