November 20, 2009

/me is back!

By some happy cosmic coincidence, the same day the Lab which Cannot Be Named's annual pre-holiday shaft to their customers came out I was scheduled for an interview with an academic in SL who is doing his master's thesis with a focus on building and community. As some may know, asking me to discuss community building in relation to SL involves pulling up a chair and staying awhile. It is something I feel strongly about, as I have made so many connections in my online communtities. And like any communtity, we celebrate the joys and share the sorrows, and have our feuds and friendships. And as we once again look at our time spent online and ask "is it worth it?" My answer remains "yes". Because the builds, the clothes, the hair, the toys are all fun and certainly make it a richer experience, but the reason I stay remains all of you.
It is so helpful occasionally to sit and reflect, and even more so to explain what it all means to me and focus my mind. I have had the opportunity to get to know so many of you better since the Grand Tour last year, and my life is much richer for knowing you all.
So now that I am back, I am busy making plans for the coming months.
As of yesterday, there are plans in the works to revive the Formal Balls in Caledon.
For those who have not attended any of the lovely events in Kinvara, where they have been keeping the tradition alive, there will be lessons available to introduce those interested to the ins and outs of Victorian etiquette and the use of Dance cards. Gabrielle Riel, Soliel Snook, Magdalena Kamenev and myself will be coordinating a Boxing Day Ball. It is sure to be a lot of fun!
I have also noticed the amazing variety of events and fascinating goings on in the Steamlands. I have been far too long away from all the people and places that I value here and intend to be out and about much more!
The Steam SkyCity rebuild will be ending our year, with the planning how best to disassemble the city :) And hoping that further server "upgrades" won't do it for me! I am so incredibly excited at the coming changes, and so very grateful to Desmond for giving me the opportunity to have input into the rebuild of a place I love so dearly.
Oxbridge is really going strong! Carl has been busy getting classes organized and Martini and I are also plotting some fun social events to help our newcomers get to know us in Caledon!
Our community remains strong so long as we all continue to support each other, care about each other and treat each other with respect. And if someone doesn't, then at least we get some drama :)