May 28, 2009 I was a bit busy

Having successfully completed my treatments, I am back to work. Lots of things happening of course, but to summarize the most current events going on:

Relay For Life hospital and teaching facility has been completed in Caer Firnas. Come and explore Our Lady of Hope. You might learn something, or at worst can state you have been inside a virtual lung, a virtual colon, a virtual esophagus and stomach and several other virtual body parts you can walk through.

Caledon Oxbridge University continues to provide a place for those new to our world to orient, learn, and create. Newcomers activities will be ramping up this summer with some fun things planned.

The East Avarian Company has officially opened Caledon to trade with Avaria, resulting in an opportunity to finally use all those mushrooms and minerals I have collected......and who would have thought I would EVER run out of coal? The secret entrance the game is located at Oxbridge University (come explore). And could someone let me know what ingredient substitutes for saltpeter to make the gunpowder? I am at a complete loss for any nitrates in all my exploring.

Finally for today: the return of the Duchess Sandwich! Perusal of past blog entries will reveal a hint to those who do not remember the infamous and scandalous dance. We offer an auction for a chance once again to Ride the Blue Ball and be the "meat" in our Sandwich. Two naughty Duchesses will bring back the good old days for one memorable night, when the auction winner will be treated to a "Duchess Sandwich". June 20th after 8pm, during the Circuits and Relays Ball in Steam SkyCity. The auction bidding box is located at Loch Avie's Relay for Life Boardwalk.

Much fun and activity in Caledon! And few rants of late, I fear. Blame spring and love and too busy DOING to spend time complaining :)