March 30, 2011

For the Honor and Glory of Caledon

(Vienna Museum from Zota's Flickr Stream)

A Building Contest, to create the Caledon Office of the Steamlands Embassy

As we prepare for the Grand Opening of the Steamlands Embassy, each participating nation has been invited to create an office in the Embassy building to represent their nation to interested visitors. The Office can be simple, or it can be ornate, and is designed to introduce visitors to that nation and provide whatever landmarks, information or items that might assist a visitor to that nation.
Caledon's office in the Embassy is a bit...drab. Uninspired. Boring even.
This certainly does not represent our vibrant and wonderful nation and cannot stand!
We are calling upon the creative citizens of Caledon to Rise Up and create something wonderful.
So here is your challenge:

Caledon Embassy Office build challenge

Deadline: April 9th at 11am.
Prim limit: 40 prims

Entry fee: Your time, artistry and cost of materials
Prize: The honor and glory of Caledon. The Adoration of the masses. And a lovely brass plaque :)

You will build (or put together with purchased items) an office for Caledon. We will view your completed builds on the Oxbridge Sandbox on April 9th at 11am.
Judges will determine the winner and that build will become the new Embassy office for Caledon, and will have a plaque with the name of the builder and the date.
Keep in mind that I will be placing your build in the Embassy so the entire build will need to be copy ok, and you will have to be able to transfer it to me. Keep this in mind if you are purchasing items to use in the build!
Any questions please contact me via IM or notecard inworld:
Fogwoman Gray Volare

I can also be reached by email at yahoo dot com as fogwoman dot gray.

*edit: To see what the space looks like please visit the Embassy in Steam SkyCity. It is off the Main passage by the Commons. New Babbage and Armada Breakaway already have construction going in their offices as well.

March 20, 2011

Bluster and Bile

Negative blog posts get lots of hits.
Frothing and foaming at the mouth, calling names, and general trolling will get a lot of responses.
The only problem with this strategy?
Makes you a troll.
And I have a strict policy about the systematic starvation of trolls.
So with the rare exception of an occasional rant, you will find little here to fire up your engines or fill you with righteous indignation. Which is ironic, since this blog started out as a place for just that during the Open Space debacle.
The closest I will come is to say "Shame on you".
Some say the troll is to be pitied or shamed, but I prefer to starve them humanely.

March 14, 2011

Finding the Words

Being unable to find the words to express these thoughts and feelings, I am grateful to Kenneth Sutton for pointing me to Ursula K LeGuin's website. As always, she finds just the right words to say what is in my heart.