October 26, 2009

Am a blissfully happy married woman with rather sore feet :)
Wedding was beautiful and amazing and and and....
SteamCon was an absolute joy - got to meet amazing and wonderful people who I have known for years in the flesh and FINALLY give the hugs I have been wishing to give for a long time! My beloved looked amazing and the spots in front of his eyes from the flash photographers may fade in time. The Salon was grand, with some real surprise visitors.
I am sworn to secrecy regarding the room party afterwards - suffice to say there was ample booze, LOTS of guns, and several of us found ourselves in bed with Tensai and Lunar...
Abney Park, live, in a room full of Steampunks in full costume - all bouncing in unison. Surreal, awesome and, well, wow.
Now sitting in the Arctic Club Hotel in Seattle with my beloved. I want to live here FOREVER. The most beautiful and amazing architecture. And walruses - lots of walruses.
Photos upon our return home. And planning begins for next year...

*edit (well not really, more a footnote) I need to find another adjective besides amazing. But it really applies here!

October 20, 2009

Bags are packed and waiting, tickets are in hand. Appropriate sacrifices have been made to deities both major and minor in charge of "not-losing-my-wedding dress" and "getting-our-bags-to-Seattle-intact".
We will be in hotels for the next two weeks with no access to the grid as far as we know. We will be able to check email, and may have some access to the internets, but will not have much electronic presence for a bit.
I will report back from wedding and convention on my return. Vorpals are patrolling the properties, and hopefully the grid does not implode more than usual while we are gone.
I have assured Des we will be back with a vengeance upon our return. SSC rebuild will go into high gear, so expect a certain amount of explosions and flying debris in the south beginning early November. More than usual, that is.

October 15, 2009

On the Occasion of my 3rd Rezday

Rezdays, like most anniversaries, invite introspection and review. Mine is just recently past, and I have paused to remember what life was like before I discovered SL, and how it has changed my life.
For many, I know, it is a game - a diversion, a playground, or a hobby. It certainly started that way for me. I heard someone on NPR being interviewed about it and decided to check it out one evening in early October 2006. I was divorced and starting over - having returned to the land of my birth. It seemed a nice diversion, a fun escape at the end of a long day.
Having no experience with roleplaying, with online gaming or social networking, this was a brand new culture. I explored late at night when few were around. I fled at the sight of any green dot approaching. After poking about and exploring for a year, I returned to a place I had found interesting months before. After contacting a fellow by the name of Desmond Shang, I suddenly became both an ISC member and a new resident of Steam SkyCity.
In the ensuing 3 years I met the love of my life in Stea SkyCity and will be marrying him in 1 week. I have also met many wonderful people, and have grown so much as a person. I have become more confident, and much more comfortable with people. All this is "real life" stuff.
As Des has said to me "We won the game!"
I am so very excited to see what happens next...

October 2, 2009

Last Day for online registration for SteamCon!

From Diana Vick (SteamCon Vice Chair)

Subject: Steamcon online registration ends tonight!
Steamcon is almost upon us. We hope you have made all your plans and purchases but just in case, here are a few gentle reminders:
Online registration for Steamcon ends tonight at midnight (PST). Full weekend and one day memberships will be sold at the door while available.
Tea & Couture tickets will continue to be sold on the website until they are gone. They will not be available at the door, so we may notify the chef of our exact numbers in advance.
Airship Invasion tickets will be on sale on the website until October 19th and at the door if available.
If you were going to join the Virtual Steamlands Salon on Friday night at 10pm, and want to have a tradable signature card made up for you, contact Tehanu Marenwolf inworld ASAP.
Thanks to everyone who will be making our get together fantastic!

*returns to her post at the sewing machine*