September 23, 2015

Namaste for a minute and read this.

 Perhaps you were smart enough to be born to the right family, in the right place, in the right time.

Maybe you are in the racial majority where you live.

Perhaps you arranged to be born male.

In a first world country.

With access to a good education.

And plenty of healthy food, and medical care when you needed it.

Being clever enough to arrive at adulthood with the right background in a decent economy you have not been unemployed.

Bad news: even with all that exquisite planning and preparation on your part, someday you are going to get sick. You may even live to be old. Short of a cross-town bus taking you out in your glorious prime, chances are good that someday somewhere you are going to need help.
You are going to need someone to take care of you, and you are going to experience being dependent upon others. Based upon my personal experiences with folks from a wide and varied range of cultures and backgrounds you are going to get up close and personal with some real perspective.
How painful that process will be depends entirely upon you.

Because it is terribly sad to witness people suddenly confront the humanity they failed to recognize in others only after personally experiencing the vagaries of life and mortality.

So by all means, count your blessings. Give thanks to whoever you credit for your good fortune. And remember that there but for the Grace goes you. And being nice to people is a very good investment in the future, as well as a pretty decent universal Spiritual practice.