January 26, 2012

World Renown

I have been promising photos of my adventures in Middle Earth for quite some time. Today, after nearly a year I got a title I have been working towards, and more importantly a VERY nice horse!
Horses being the hook that got me involved in Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) thanks to a certain Burro...

This is Belandwen, my Elf Hunter and my primary avatar in LOTRO. She is now at level 74 and is exploring the newest content in Dunland, heading for Isengard.

This is Fani, a fair Dwarf maiden. Some believe that there are no female dwarves, but Fani would beg to differ. She has gone from being a shy young thing, just arrived in Thorin's Hall from her home in the Grey Mountains to being an experienced warrior of some renown herself! She is currently a level 53 Champion, and is a fierce lady!

And this little cutie is Varia Brandywise, Hobbit Warden. Varia is my beloved's primary avatar in LOTRO. You will often see a tall Elf and a very short Hobbit out causing mayhem in Middle Earth - that will likely be us :)
A big part of the appeal of LOTRO is the really beautiful world that Turbine has created for us to inhabit. The vistas are just phenomenal, and the details are wonderful. The magic of the Elven realms, the vastness of the Dwarven halls, and the unremitting opression of Angmar truly have to be experienced.

I will try to update more often...we shall see!