September 17, 2008

Vile Villainy in Steam Sky City

A hurried report on the doings of Tuesday night.....
The Villainous plottings of Doctor Obolensky were manifest last evening in an act of unspeakable.......villainy. After a week of jibes and threats, he launched his weapon - Lord Smashington II - at our fair floating city. The resulting mayhem can barely be described..... crushed noobies, bent beams and stained glass littering the floor of the Volare Warehouse as the gigantic metal behemoth crashed throught the building at the height of the Tuesday night Ball into a crowded dance floor, the chaos as the creature became wedged into the infrastructure....the horror!
Tragically, the Stormhold Monastery on Aether Isle was also destroyed by falling debris and the discarded rocket pack Doctor Obolensky used to propel the giant robot into our City.
Huzzah to our unflappable residents, as they continued to dance despite the screams of the wounded and dangerous falling debris.
Mr. Volare managed to salvage not only the honor of the city, but his property value by immediately flying down to Aether Isle (ingeniously utilizing the Villainous Doctor's own invention - the Chopper Topper) and planting his (retired) flag. This effectively claimed the land formerly owned by Doctor Obolensky for himself and rid the island of this Villainous personage.

**My greatest thanks and admiration to the hardworking Vivito Volare and Doctor Obolensky who created this fun and entertaining RP for us. It was a wonderfully creative way to arrange some land swapping and property transfers whilst having a very good time (and blowing stuff up! woot!)

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