October 27, 2008

Openspace Changes

I am so sad today, and worried about friends.
As the economy has become more worrisome, and folks are consolidating and decreasing land holdings, I have watched more and more yellow squares pop up on maps. Some for full OS sims. I have recieved many IMs from people wondering if I know of anyone looking for land, or an OS. I have seen notice after notice in forums of folks selling off their leasehold rights to properties. And I have been deeply worried for my friends who are small landowners on the Grid. Folks who have one or two sims and took advantage of the new rules on OS sims early in the year. After investing money, time, and emotion into these properties, many are going to have to give them up.
Other friends were able to rent OS sims from these landowners and have "finally enough prims" to do that wonderful build, or make a shop, or a school, or any of the other creative things people do on the Grid.
Those folks are also going to lose all that money, and time, and most importantly love that was invested in those places.
It literally makes my belly hurt to think of the stress and pain my friends are having right now. And it is fundamentally unfair, and bad faith.
There were hopes with the new leadership at The Lab Which Cannot Be Named, that they would begin dealing in good faith with their customers. It is obviously not the case. The reasons given for the changes seem quite spurious to me, and smell of smoke and mirrors. I will leave it to much more knowledgable souls to debate those points.
I am a small green dot, among many small green dots.
And each small green dot represents a soul.....
Please let us ALL not forget that.

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