November 5, 2008

Corporate BS from The Lab Which Cannot Be Named

My post on the SL forums re: M's "New Deal"
Oh Dear
Have read and digested the latest song and dance from TLWCBN.
I am beyond disgusted. That is the biggest pile of egregious corporate BS I have had to scrape off my shoes in a long time.
There is no hard evidence to date that the problems you are having with load is caused by the OS sims - and darn good evidence to suggest that it is self inflicted - please check your JIRAs on your buggy viewers. Since TLWCBN claims an inability to measure this load, your customers (as usual) are doing the heavy work here. Heck of a business model you have here M, get your customers to do your R & D, debugging, PR, Orientation, Infrastructure work.....and then stick it to them with huge price increases as performance of the product plummets.

Some business owners have found that treating their customers with respect, and using Customer Service Models (google it) are an effective way to build customer loyalty. Playing very childish and transparently manipulative games with your Very Intelligent customer base (many of whom run the aforementioned successful businesses) is ultimately self defeating and will result in your well deserved failure. A good business school usually has many models of both types of business, perhaps a review is in order.

Your customers are both recreational users and businesses whose customers are recreational users. We do not HAVE to be here, we are here for fun - that is your product. You are creating a fun and VERY experimental world model for people to play in. If your customers (or your customer's residents) are being made miserable constantly they will not come back. And your customers cannot run a business in a world with poor performance and worse business practices. The mistake being made by too many is thinking this is some sort of business service you offer. This is a game that some people are making a bit of money doing, and a couple may even scrape out a living for a while. If they work day and night to keep their residents well served. The current LL management is definitely not contributing constructively to that either.

The Plan - Which is IMHO the original plan all along - and is an attempt to reduce the total number of OS sims on the grid in order to prop a poorly managed land market - and make up the difference on the backs of the residents (and taking no responsibility yourselves for your own mismanagement)... please note I am a resident of Caledon and this is specific to my friends and neighbors there who are affected by this price gouging.
hmmm....... $75.00/mo for 750 prims, not to be used for undefined "habitation" or rented. Yeah, I don't think so .

So the new product they were rolling out is the new "openspace", which is lower prims than the old "void" sims, with a 10 avatar limit and script and resource limits TBA......

The current product has been renamed the "homestead" and will maintain the 3750 prims, will still go up to $125/mo (but not until July - will step up in Jan to $95), with 20 avatar limit and script/resource limits TBA....

Or buy a Full change and won't even go there.

This fellow M is a true professional manager. He can take the most egregious BS, and make it sound completely reasonable and like he is doing you a favor. Until you do the math.

So for current OS lessors with no changes from TLWCBN or Des - price goes up a little in January and the rest of the way in July = so no real change in policy there. Plus now you get added avatar limits and other limits at LL whim. So this actually is a WORSE offer than the first one for us, as I read this.
I am most anxious to hear Desmond's take on it....

And since the evidence clearly indicates that the problem is not the one they purport to solve with this - we end up again with a dramatic price increase, usage limits, and no net increase in perfomance for the pain.

Please keep in mind this is my synthesis of the current wisdom out there....and most know far more on these subjects than myself.

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