December 21, 2008

Peace on Earth

I seem to wander both RL and the Grid, moving from Life Lesson to Lesson. When I start to feel a bit too smug or self satisfied, I am reminded of my weaknesses and blind spots. I wish the reminders did not seem to have to be in the form of large heavy bricks to the side of the head.....
In this season of Peace and Light, I would like to challenge everyone to examine their prejudices and assumptions. Throw out one grudge, you will feel much lighter. Forgive someone who has wronged you, or ask forgiveness for a wrong you have done. Unmute or unban one person now that your anger has cooled - or you have forgotten why you did it in the first place :). Say something kind to someone who needs it, or have a dialog with someone who you haven't spoken with. These are greater gifts than gold, frankincense or myrrh.

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Miss Poppy said...

Greater gifts than gold, frankincense or myrrh? Yes, Fogwoman, is absolutely correct. If you do one thing that makes your spirit lighter and makes just one person smile. What great gift can there be? Do to others what you would want them to do to you.