July 14, 2009

Virtual Steamlands Salon

I am very excited about SteamCon. It will be my first Steampunk convention, and my Debut as Mrs. .........well that would be tellin' now wouldn't it?
You will just have to come and see for yourselves, October 23-25th, 2009.
The link to the website is in my links on the right.
I have requested a room where we can meet up and mingle at the Con and they offered a small room (40 people capacity) after 10pm on Friday night. So it should appear in the Official Program listing as the Virtual Steamlands Salon.
I have not done anything like this before, so I hope all goes well. Everything has been falling into place in a most lovely but disconcerting way for all the arrangements being made for wedding and honeymoon. I do not ask too many questions, just whisper "thank you" and keep going.


Anonymous said...


Thank you Dame Fogwoman!

Rhianon Jameson said...

Wouldn't that be "Mrs. Volare"? *grin* You couldn't possibly be suggesting there is a different world out there that matters, in which one's identity might be different!