October 15, 2009

On the Occasion of my 3rd Rezday

Rezdays, like most anniversaries, invite introspection and review. Mine is just recently past, and I have paused to remember what life was like before I discovered SL, and how it has changed my life.
For many, I know, it is a game - a diversion, a playground, or a hobby. It certainly started that way for me. I heard someone on NPR being interviewed about it and decided to check it out one evening in early October 2006. I was divorced and starting over - having returned to the land of my birth. It seemed a nice diversion, a fun escape at the end of a long day.
Having no experience with roleplaying, with online gaming or social networking, this was a brand new culture. I explored late at night when few were around. I fled at the sight of any green dot approaching. After poking about and exploring for a year, I returned to a place I had found interesting months before. After contacting a fellow by the name of Desmond Shang, I suddenly became both an ISC member and a new resident of Steam SkyCity.
In the ensuing 3 years I met the love of my life in Stea SkyCity and will be marrying him in 1 week. I have also met many wonderful people, and have grown so much as a person. I have become more confident, and much more comfortable with people. All this is "real life" stuff.
As Des has said to me "We won the game!"
I am so very excited to see what happens next...


Dio said...

Hey Fogwoman,

Happy Rezday, and also congratulations on that whole love thing. Isn't it surprising what sometimes finds you when you are least consciously looking for it?

Rhianon Jameson said...

May you have many happy rezdays to come! Have a wonderful wedding day with Mr. Pirate, er Merchant - I will think of you lovely people from across the country.

As for what happens next, it's a mystery to us all. :)