December 9, 2009

Not a Contest, but a Challenge

Recent discussions in other blogs, inworld and among friends, along with the season has had me thinking. Rather than a contest of "hotness" or popularity, I would like to invite those few hardy souls who actually endure my prose to post a comment here. Tell me about someone, or more than one someone, who is especially kind or thoughtful. Tell me of someone who makes your world or our world a better place. Just stop and think about who it is you know that makes you smile, makes you feel better, makes your day a bit nicer.
I will start, but it will be hard because there are so darn many of you out there.
*First of course is my Beloved, whose birthday is today. His kindness and interest in the world made me fall in love with him and makes each day a joy.
*Martini Discovolante, my co-Dean, who is sweet, patient and ubertalented.
*Damian Delacroix, who is one of the kindest people I have met in SL- consistently patient and helpful, and a joy to know.
*Desmond Shang, the hardest working man I know. Completely mad, but so very kind and caring. He genuinely cares about every person whose life he touches. It is amazing that someone can maintain such a huge monkeysphere!
*Otenth Paderborn, another genuinely kind and caring person.
*Excalibur Longstaff, Zen and the Art of the 3D Virtual Browser!
*Nabila Peterman - she is amazingly patient and kind
*Kamilah Hauptman - an enormous heart, and much patience. And she rarely toys with her snacks.
*Autopilotpatty Poppy - wonderfully kind and generous lady who has been working hard for 4 years in Caledon, mostly behind the scenes (or behind the camera!) and out of the spotlight. She is an amazing person who I am proud to know.
This is a partial list - far too many wonderful people to mention and besides:
I would like to hear from you - who are the kindest people you know?


Rhianon Jameson said...

Such a list would be long and still omit many deserving folk. Some that come to mind are the people who keep the Steamlands running day in, day out, devoting God-knows how many hours to the task. You've already mentioned Desmond and Kami; Lunar and Tensai in Steelhead; Mr. Tenk and associates in Babbage; Mr. Drinkwater, who is everywhere, it seems; and Miss Anansi.

My fellow writers, Miz Dio Kuhr, Mr. Headburro Antfarm, and the late Dr. Darien Mason, all of whom write wonderfully and inspire me to keep at it.

Baron Wulfenbach and his able aide de camp Frau Lowey, as they devote countless hours to supporting causes, social events, and the general well-being of the Steamlands.

And the list would be woefully incomplete without you on it, Mrs. Volare. Your unfailing kindness to New Arrivals is something to behold.

Bamika Easterman said...

I would nominate Mr Jayleden Miles, who is always kind to me. Mr Alastair Whybrow, who is dependable in a crisis; and Misses Alana Steamweaver and Vanessa Hamer who are just cheerful little rays of sunbeams. :)