February 3, 2010

The Deep Dark of the Year

February is the hardest month here in the far North. Well past the bustle and busyness of the holidays, the days are still dark and cold, and spring is much too far away to contemplate. We all struggle with fatigue here at this time of year. Many choose this month to go vacation in Hawaii and other warm sunny places. It is a battle to get up and face each day, and each small challenge becomes a Denali to be surmounted.
This last week has been especially hard, the exhaustion is overwhelming with all the emotion and distress that one is helpless to assuage.
But....the best cure is to stay busy and focused. And I must do so - I am trying to get geared up and ready to start grad school this summer. And the Steam SkyCity rebuild is progressing afoot, and we need to stay focused to complete and be ready for the big opening. The Newcomers group is up and running and we need to keep the momentum going there. The Caledon Games have begun and the Malaprop Ordinance Challenge is now scheduled for the 15th of this month.
And the Worlds Cutest Puppy - Sprocket the Wonder Dog- will be having his first foot surgery on the 17th of this month. So if I seem a bit distracted or lethargic, just pour in more tea and point me where you need me to go!


Rhianon Jameson said...

I can only envision the semi-permanent semi-darkness (though I am becoming all too familiar with semi-permanent cold and large quantities of snow!) Rest assured that you are made of sterner stuff than I, and apparently of more energetic stuff as well.

But pray tell, what are the Malaprop Ordinance Games? I can hazard a guess from the clever wordplay, but details, please!

Fogwoman Gray said...

The Malaprop Ordinance Challenge is one event in the Caledon Games being organized by the Cavorite Mines fundraising group.
My event will involve mainly shooting at stuff and a bit of blowing stuff up, of course :)