February 26, 2010

Four Years!

Oh my - the Fourth Anniversary of the Independent State of Caledon. A small dream of a man who wanted to make beautiful Victorian furniture in a lovely world he found he could create.
And then people came, and more came. And soon he had a Community.
The community grew and changed as they do, people came and left. We have had births, deaths, illnesses, victories, we have gathered in anger and gathered in celebration. Love has bloomed, friendships have formed, and we have had no small share of drama :)
And through it all, our calm center has been Desmond Shang. Through it all, holding us together - sparking to anger when appropriate, and calming the storms when needed.
Congratulations on creating something wonderful Sir.
And a very Happy Anniversary to all my friends and neighbors - and even those who merely tolerate me :)
Fogwoman Gray-Volare

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Palabra said...

Excellent post, Dean Gray!