May 2, 2010

3rd Annual Mad Science Convention!

My most sincere gratitude to everyone who came and made this year's Convention such a wonderful success!
And congratulations to the winners of our Building Contest "Pimp My Minion" : Martini Discovolante, Vanessa Hamer, and Aeos Dragoon.
And our winners today of the Mad Scientist Costume and Manifesto contests: Stereo Nacht for her costume, and Baron Klaus Wulfenbach for his short but pointed manifesto.
The Mad Science in the Steamlands photo contest was closely contended, with the final winners being Garth Goode 1st, Baron Klaus Wulfenbach 2nd and Magdalena Kamenev 3rd.
At the request of several folks the photos will remain on display for another few days to give everyone a chance to look and purchase a copy!
Everyone who participated made this year's Convention the most exciting yet. And we also raised quite a lot for Relay for Life!
Manifestos will be published in the Steamlander very soon - I will also post some photos here!
Stay tuned for upcoming events - the Grand Tour is very soon!

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