May 23, 2010

Talented and Generous People

We are a bit over halfway through our Relay for Life season on the Grid. And Caledon has proven once again that despite personal and national economic issues, she is filled with wonderfully generous and talented folks who want to help.
The above photo was taken in Seraph City at the Carrington during last weekend's Grand Tour. Lovely Duchess Gabrielle Riel (Radio Riel) is DJing and playing the piano, and the talented Eclectic Breitman (of Ollipog fame) has sprung upon the piano to improvise some soft shoe for the appreciative crowd!
If you missed yesterday's Debut performance of the Caledon's Got Talent show, make a point to see today's show. We will be closing indefinitely after today's show so that dear Mr Thorne can take a rest....
All joking aside, Adzer Thorne and Elspeth Woolley are trying something that is quite daring and wonderfully risky with all the challenges we face on weekends on the grid nowadays. And it worked beautifully. Despite chat, stream, and sim lag. Despite crashes, despite all the joys of a live show - it was wonderful. And delightful fun for all of us trying poor Mr Thorne's patience and sanity as well!
So put on your (low lag) glad rags and come catch today's final show!

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