November 6, 2010

Just WOW

My thanks to everyone who came out to the End of Days listening party in Steam SkyCity today, to everyone who participated on the IRC chat stream, and most especially to Captain Robert and Kristina from Abney Park who chatted with us on the stream while we listened to the wonderful new album!
Lucien Brentano's wizardry and KBWM's expertise made this happen - Thank you all so much!


Wrath Constantine said...

Glad to be there! And I'd also like to express my thanks to the Volares, and the KBWM crew for pulling this together, and to Robert and Kristina of Abney Park for taking the time to come hang out with us! Thanks also to everyone who attended and helped us blow the doors off this flying city! ^^

Bookworm Hienrichs said...

Aww, nerts! Would've loved to be there for that, but I'm house and dog-sitting, so no access to SL.