February 10, 2011

Happenings and Goings On:

As I have been home from work for a while, I am using this time to create all sorts of mischief in Second Life.

Besides being happily immersed in building several projects - I make up for skill with enthusiasm - I have some other things cooking as well.

Every Tuesday at 10pm (with exceptions usually medically related) I am teaching a class at Caledon Oxbridge University called The History and Culture of Caledon.
Which sounds horribly stuffy and self-important. Except I decided that rather than holding forth on the actual history of Caledon I would use the opportunity to make up horrific lies about what happened, when and to whom. Perks the class right up. The best part is that some of the juiciest stories are actually true! And since Desmond never attends it is pretty much open season on him.

I will be participating in this spring's Grand Tour, being Conducted by the lovely Breezy Carver and the delightful Rose Springvale. These ladies are troupers. And insane :)
My event is the Sparking Gears Ball in Steam SkyCity on Saturday Feb 19th at 9am. Romance among the Robots! Clanks and Automatons are invited to come and greet the day, with dancing and prizes for best avatars.

The Steamlands Embassy is coming to Steam SkyCity! This will be a part of the flying city dedicated to introducing visitors to all the Lands of Steam. Invitations have been sent, and building is commencing on the Embassy.

Speaking of building - I am also working on the build for the Newcomer's Association which is relocated to Caer Firnas, and the build for the Green Fairy which WILL return to Steam SkyCity.

The theory is that if I put it out in my blog, I HAVE to get all this stuff done :)

And someday, somewhere, I want to ride an ostrich.


Breezy Carver said...

looks up and grins ....
my my my ....
what a busy Steamy Bee you be !!
Ah yes you must get one of Doctor O's evil oil bees :)
(( love the photo !!))

Rhianon Jameson said...

Ambitious plans indeed!

On the blog = will happen. Do let is know how that theory works in practice. :)

Fogwoman Gray said...

Well, frankly, unless Science can create a somewhat reverted ostrich with a physique resembling her dinosaurian predecessors...I may have to pass on that dream. For the sake of the ostrich :)