June 25, 2011

Order of the Clockwinder

My perusings recently took me to revisit a build in progress that excited me greatly when I heard about the initial plans.
To quote the article, it is " an implicit statement of optimism".
And it inspires me to consider the creation of a sort of knightly order, dedicated to winding the clocks every year. An annual pilgrimage, for generation upon generation, for ten thousand years. Simply to confirm that yes, we are still here.
According to the article this would be unnecessary, but the idea that people were tasked with remembering the Clocks, and their purpose, and possibly even being capable of a repair if needed appeals to me.
To pass along to each following generation the message of hope. Or, like the Mayan calendar, a chance to pull a great joke on our distant descendants, with the punch line taking ten millennia.

The Clock of the Long Now

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