February 8, 2017

The Future of Public Schooling(TI)

Travel with me now to the near future of Public Education!


Betsy DeVos Vocational and Technical High School

Here at BDVTech, we pride ourselves in a public school curriculum that is designed by experts – the BEST experts, everyone knows they are the best, experts in the career preparation that young people are going to need in the coming decades. Well, not ALL young people. But you know, THESE young people. The public school young people, some of whom I have met personally. Lovely people, they love me, you know? Anyway, welcome to all the incoming students.

Introduction to agriculture:
This is the first class in the agriculture track, that introduces students to the exciting opportunities available working as a seasonal farm laborer. An opportunity to work in the great outdoors and travel the country while contributing to the well-being of all those who depend on our great agricultural industry.

Introduction to Customer Service:
Learn about the exciting opportunities that exist in the customer service industry. Customer service skills can take you from the exciting world of retail fashion, to electronics sales, and even into online and telephone support! If you love working with the public, and remember to SMILE you will go far.

Introduction to Food Service (TI)
You have probably never noticed them, but when you go out to dinner somewhere...well maybe not YOU but when I go out to dinner somewhere there are a whole lot of people doing stuff, working hard to make sure that our food is what we asked for and is really good. If they want a damn tip they do, right? Anyway…
This class introduces students to the amazing world of food service. From the front of the house to the back of the house – and let's be honest, the back of the house is where most of you are gonna end up- you will learn the language, the rules, and how to survive in the world of food service.
**Please note** This is part of our 'tipped industries' (TI) program, with a focus on allowing students to learn to maximize their earnings without costing their employers any more money.

Introduction to Alcohol Service (TI)
This track is separated out from Food Service due to significant differences in the range of skills and variety of applications. Young women on either the Food Service(TI) or Adult Entertainment(TI) tracks are encouraged to take their electives in this track – these skills will help keep those tips up. They also give you a fallback once those looks start to fade. Currently we are discouraging males from Alcohol Service (TI) at the vocational level. Most Bartender jobs are currently being filled by Psych majors.

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