June 12, 2008

Independent State of Caledon SL5B Build

So, I have been very vocal in my opinions on the way the Lab Which Cannot Be Named (LWCBN) bolluxed the presentation of the 5th Birthday Celebrations. As some of you may know, my partner is in charge of the ISC build for the celebration.
I had not volunteered to help initially due to my outrage at the LWCBN's actions, and was not sure how I would handle a request for assistance.
Then last week, our Guv, the man with no spare time ever, spent over an hour on state chat explaining his reasons for participating and listening patiently to his residents loudly voicing opinions.
Now understand, Des was not asking for a vote - he was explaining why he will continue to participate and why he thinks it is a good idea to do so. He asked for volunteers to assist Vivito, and explained why he does not do boycotts.
Ultimately, what convinced me was less about what he said than a respect for his record. Whilst the loud, pitchfork wielding mobs march on the LWCBN with little effect, Des quietly and successfully is a major change agent. Des treats everyone with respect. This means he tells the truth, as much as he knows of it, when he knows it. He does not try to spin anything, and often overstates possible negative consequences just to keep someone from inadvertently suffering by lack of knowledge. Pretty much the opposite of how the grid is currently being managed.
And it works. His residents are fiercely loyal, his land values continue to be maintained, and he causes changes to occur at the grid level.
The LWCBN could learn a lot from our Guv.
So the upshot is that Des asked for volunteers on the build for Caledon (not for the LWCBN) and I offered my assistance to my partner. And I will be swinging a hammer at the advice and example of a couple of men I greatly respect. And hope to be a change agent as well.

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