June 3, 2008

Oh for the Love of Pete

How on Earth does the Lab which Cannot Be Named expect to ever solve anything if they are apparently unable to make a clear concise statement?
My B*****t detectors are screaming right now, having read the latest post on the Birthday issue. Evidently they are taking over the organizing, separating the much-courted corporate entities from the unwashed masses by a day, and invite everyone ("and we mean everyone") to submit an application for a PG build for approval by them. They will or will not approve each application, and we will not know who got in until the actual event.
I am completely at a loss to understand why they are unwilling to address the issue by actually addressing the issue.
Here is a sample statement, offered "open source" and copyright free to the Lab which Cannot be Named and is flexible enought to be used again and again :
" We at Linden Labs (R, TM, etc, ad nauseum) are really very sorry. We screwed up and are working hard to fix the damage. Thank you for sticking with us and making Second Life (R, TM, etc.) a success."
Or alternately:
"We are really tired of your constant whining and bitching. This is our playground and if you don't like it, go somewhere else."
I find either preferable to the passive-agressive PR that seems to flow from the sewer outfall that is the official Blog these days.
Just my 2 cents......

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