March 10, 2009

Stirrings of Spring

Spring is beginning to stir in much of the Northern Hemisphere...ok, my bit is still frozen solid but at least it is getting lighter now!
As we stir from the winter's lethargy, activity begins to increase. In that note:
The Gateway is opened at Caledon Oxbridge University, and the penalty for making suggestions has been assessed...I am now one of the two Deans. This glamorous job consists mainly of being chief charwoman, disposing of prim litter and the occasional annoying avatar, as well as providing guidance for problem solving. It is such a joy to see the newcomers rezzing into a wondrous world. I had the very pleasant experience of chatting with a visitor recently who was touring OIs (Gateways) in preparation for opening their commercial Gateway. She stated that ours was the first she had visited with people present who could assist newcomers and visitors. NCI is doing an amazing job in CoManagement of the Gateway and in helping us get up to speed on dealing with all the challenges it presents. Muttenchops Chaplin, the Dean on the NCI side and my colleague is very patiently helping me learn to do this well. If you have not visited it is a must-see, many talented folks did an amazing job with both tutorials, the build and the contents.
Spring also means the start of Relay For Life. This is the first year I have been a team member and I am very excited to be working on this. Kiralette Kelley, our team Captain has already set up a Ning for the Team, and projects are coming along rapidly for a great year. In years past, the push to generate contributions combined with the long season has led to a lot of short tempers and bad feelings by the end of the season. With the current economic crisis, Des has requested that the focus of Team Caledon be on Education and Prevention this year rather than focusing on competing with other teams on fundraising. As RL job is in nursing, this portion is most close to my heart, and I am working on a number of projects with a goal of saving Real Lives.
The Wind in the Willows reading continues this weekend in Tanglewood at the Tinyville Library. The Wild Wood has grown up in the last month, and there will be new places to explore. So come by Saturday at 10am SLT and stay for Tiny Kites in Tanglewood for spring kite flying starting at 11am.
The Spring Egg Hunt will be returning to Steam SkyCity this year. March 27 - 29th there will be eggs hidden over the entire sim, containing prizes. The hiding places are always fiendishly difficult, so clues will be given....Clues that Don't Help. We in Steam SkyCity relish the cries of torment this annual ritual generates, and will be present to revel in your pain. Have fun!
And speaking of pain, we will once again be hosting the Mad Scientist Convention for Misunderstood Genius and Unappreciated Pioneers of Technology. This will run May 2-3 at the 2nd Anniversary of the Hotwiring of Steam SkyCity.
Oh yes....and there is also that whole trying to plan a wedding thing I am up to as well.


Rhianon Jameson said...

We're all invited to the wedding, too, right? I'm anxiously waiting for the "save the date" notice. :)

Fogwoman Gray said...

We would be thrilled for any of our friends to be able to attend in person.
We are also trying to coordinate the date with SteamCon in Seattle, and perhaps simulcast into Caledon as well...
Yes, we are total dorks!