March 27, 2009

Vorpal Bunneh of Springtime

Caledon's Steam SkyCity is hosting the Vorpal Bunneh of Springtime this weekend for the 2nd Annual Steam SkyCity Spring Egg Hunt.
Last year's hunt was such a festival of pain for all involved that we could not wait to bring it back this year. Once again, we will hide eggs in excruciatingly difficult places, and then sit back and wait for your cries of frustration with fiendish glee. Courtesy of our Simple Shopkeepers and Honest Businessfolk, the Clues that Won't Help will fail to lead you to the prizes provided in brightly colored eggs. As we were contacted by several international organizations after last year's hunt, and came under some pressure from certain groups who oppose torture, we will now offer additional Photo Clues on Sunday after noon - for sale in a Relay for Life Vendor in Steam SkyCity's main corridor.
Please come join us for the fun....

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