January 1, 2010

Welcome to 2010!

Standing at the beginning of a brand new year, and seeing the calendar stretch out ahead is an exciting time for me. So much potential rests in each little square, 24 hours of possibility!
Our year is slated to be busy and productive, and I anticipate change and growth as well as a good portion of chaos!
I have a few things rumbling in my head right now.
We are planning for the rollout of a shiny new Steam SkyCity build in the next couple of months, with some fun planned to set that in place.
I have a wonderful new plot in Steelhead St. Helens that will be changing and morphing into something interesting as time passes. Currently, there is a plant being refined to collect the steam power needed for the build from deep within the mountain. Whatever could need that much power?
Caledonia is being developed on Blue Mars, and I am proud to be a tiny part of that team. This should prove to be an amazing platform for some things that are difficult to do well other places.
Dio made a great post that was along similar lines to some stuff I have been thinking about lately, regarding the artificial Real Life vs Second Life dichotomy. Hers addressed the chromosomally challenged psuedojournalist protobloggers (she may have phrased it differently) who visit The Grid Which Cannot Be Named seemingly for the sole purpose of "exposing" the great secret that it was overhyped.
I also am weary of the Real Life vs Second Life dichotomy. I live in an amazing and wondrous time! In this time, I am able to have friends and neighbors whose offline time is spent in Norway, in the UK, in Australia, in South America, even in the wilds of California! My chosen community with whom I spend my time is among these people, and technology allows it. I can communicate via Twitter and Facebook, and I can interact in a rich environment via virtual worlds. The people I interact with in TGWCBN or Blue Mars are no less real than Neil Gaiman or Kevin Smith who I can follow on Twitter.
Here's to an equally amazing and wondrous 2010!


Rhianon Jameson said...

Ah, but we know our friends in Europe, Down Under, and that strange state of California are all read...I'm not so sure of that Neil Gaiman person. :)

I'm looking forward to whatever Steam SkyCity becomes, as well as how Caledonia in Blue Mars develops.

Rai Blaylock said...

I keep hearing about St. Helens. I am really excited to see what unfolds there.