July 11, 2010

One Week to go!

I had the best of intentions, but simply ran out of time. I was going to post to my blog and to SteamLander....BEFORE the events. But did not factor in a couple of days out with the dizzies - so we do what we can :)
The people of the Steamlands are for the most part some of the most amazingly talented, kind and generous people on and off the grid in my VERY biased opinion :)
People who come together to help out without being asked, and who work hard for a worthy cause with no expectation of reward.
Garnet Psaltery came onto our RFL team quite late in the game this year, and immediately jumped in and got a stunning amount taken care of right away. She arranged for the gorgeous tiara that was given to the lovely Aevalle Galicia yesterday afternoon. She has arranged for prizes for events, donations for auctions, and contents for our vendor kiosks. And managed to compete as a finalist in our Miss Caledon competition! What an amazing lady.
Soliel Snook stepped up and provided music and DJing for events, donated prizes and so much of her time and effort, words cannot express my gratitude. All while dealing with being a caregiver offline and sometimes online :) You amaze and humble me.
Our build team has come together with no drama or grandstanding, and is making something purely amazing happen on the Relay track. I could not be prouder to work next to these folks (hey, placing trees is sweaty work!). Darlingmonster Ember, Wrath Constantine, Vivito Volare, Garth Goode, Equine McMillan, Martini Discovolante and Audrey Fotherington have turned a flat bit of green grass into something completely magical.
Every one of you who participated in our sometimes very silly events, who took the time and effort, and who kept the drama minimal - you have my everlasting gratitude. None of this would have worked without you!
I have phots of events that have been given to me by many generous people - and I WILL get those posted up on the Flickr account Really Soon Now :)
Next weekend is Relay....what we have all worked towards. We are going to run, and see the sights, and meet all the other wonderful folks who have also been working to make this all come together.
Team Caledon's Convio site is where you or friends and family can donate to our team offline, and if you use your real name may take it as a tax deduction. If you participate in the Relay online, you can have folks sponsor you per lap and make their donations there at the end of the Relay. The website is a bit challenging, so please ask for help if you need it!
Thanks to everyone who has worked so hard this past four months! This is wrenching and often thankless work, and it is especially hard to get abuse when you are working so hard to do something good.
And to Kitsuko, Jayleden, Lucien and you know who you are....thank you so much for all you have done!

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