July 14, 2010

It is time to Relay!

July 17 & 18
We have finally reached the end of the 2010 Relay season in Second Life. After many events, auctions, and lots of fun we are ready to make the run that gives the Relay its name. Teams are asked to have at least one runner on the track for the entire 24 hours. There are also awards for Teams with highest number of laps. Many of us enjoy the challenge of doing the entire Relay, but some would rather just use the opportunity to explore all there is to see along the way :)
We will meet on a large track that crosses 34 sims arranged in a large square. This year there are no loops or doubling back, so the run should be much nicer.
All these sims contain camps that have been built by the teams there, as well as some designer parcels from builders who were invited to participate. There are truly wonderful and amazing things waiting to be explored!
There are also 4 Entertainment sims with lots of fun things to do - there is a lot to explore and see over the two days of the Relay. The sims are usually open for a couple of days after the relay ends to explore in less lag as well.
There WILL be lag. Please be considerate when visiting, as there will be a lot of folks running the Relay and lots there cheering. Scripted and high ARC outfits, particle emitters, vehicles, AOs compiled in Mono, &c should all be left in your inventory :)
The track is lined with luminarias that can be lit with a donation, and can be dedicated to a particular person if you wish. Please help make sure that we light them all up! I have been very touched in past years to see so many of our friends in the Steamlands lighting up a LOT of the luminarias. It is wonderful to see so many familiar names as we run the track.
If you wish to run, and are not yet in the Team Caledon Group, please send me a notecard or IM and I will add you. There will be Themed laps, so this is a chance to dress a bit silly for a good cause.
At 1pm SLT the Team Spirit hour will find Team Caledon wearing some Caledon Tartan, with the Caledon Catgirl Honor Guard bearing our own Miss Caledon around the track in a litter! This will be great fun so do join us.
The Schedule
10am - 11am - Opening Ceremonies
11am - 12pm - Survivor HourSurvivors Are the "Spirit Of Relay" They Are the Promise Of Hope! Please Line the Track and Celebrate Our Heroes, Our Friends who have heard the words "You Have Cancer"
12pm - 1pm - Caregiver HourThe Caregivers are Backbone of the Fight. They hold the hands, they care for and support their loved ones as they walk their cancer journey. Once Again Line the Track and Support the Ones who give so much to help our Survivors Fight Cancer!
1pm - 2pm - Team Spirit Hour. Walk the track with pride for all you have done to help find a cure for cancer.
2pm - -3pm - International Hour - Dress in your country's colors for an hour of fun
3pm - 4pm - More Birthday's Hour - The American Cancer's Theme for 2010 Relays is More Birthdays. What do we do at birthdays? Make Wishes - Wish On A Cure. Put on your Party Hats. Carry your balloons. Maybe you are a big present. Wear a titler with your Birthday Month, or Birthday Wish. A world with less cancer is a world with more birthdays.
4pm - 5pm Hillbilly Highway - Country tunes and bluegrass will keep you kicking up your heels, so dress in your best Yeeee Hawww outfit.
5pm - 6pm Get Active Hour - football, rugby, hockey, yoga, swimming, any sports or exercise clothing. The Great American Get Active Challenge encourages us to get 30 minutes of exercise a 5 plus days a week over and above our usual activities.
6pm - 7pm - The Tacky Tourist Hour - The name says it all..
7pm - 8pm - Beach Hour - Dress for a day at the beach. Always remember to protect yourself from the sun on land and sea even on a cloudy day. Victorian Beachwear for the win!
8pm - 9pm - Dress Up Hour - Put on a Nice Dress or Suit as you walk the track and Celebrate Relay for Life(but try to keep it low prim please)
9pm - 10pm - Luminaria Ceremony - (done quiet reflection with poetry and inspirational music; sims are darkened for reflection and remembrance of those and their loved ones who have lost their battles to cancer or are still battling it; all are invited to participate)
10pm - 11pm Meet a new friend hour - say hello to someone you don't know and walk a bit with them
11pm - 12am - Heath Matters - Maybe you are a banana, or an orange, or a carrot? Or simply dress in a healthy food color. The Great American Eat Right Challenge encourages us to aim for a healthy body weight and eat a well -balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetable and whole grains.
12am- 1am - Midnight Masquerade - Wear a Masque and costume carnival like festivity hour.
1am - 2am Fantasy Hour - Wings, Tails, Furries, Fairies, Wizards and Magicians
2am - 3am Silly Hats Hour
3am - 4am Favorite Decade - Did you love the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's or maybe way back to the 40's or the flappers or the roaring 20s? Dress in your favorite decade outfit and show it on the track
4am - 5am Walk Like A Pirate - Arh Maties ... dar be pirates on the track dressed in their swashbuckler attire with parrots on their shoulders and a swagger in their step. (Please Limit use of Scripted Items!)
5am - 6am Curlers, Coffee, PJ's & Slippers - time to wake up and smell the coffee
6am - 7am - Fight Back Ceremony - (Pick up your specially made RFL HOPE Cape and Fight Back Flags - available at the Relay Stations, and join us as we make our fight back pledges to save a life this year -your own, a friends, a family member, or someone you don't even know yet. Together we all can FIGHT BACK.
7am - 8am - Caring & Curing Hour - Doctors, Nurses, Scientist - Working together to beat cancer. The Great American Health Check encourages you to find out what cancer screening tests are appropriate based on your age and family history... discuss them with your doctor. Screening can prevent cancer or detect it at is earliest, most treatable stage.
8am - 9am Formal Wear Hour - The Last Lap or Relay For Life 2010 - Join us in your Finest formal attire (but try to keep it low prim please) and walk the track as you prepare for the closing ceremonies of Relay 2010
9am - 10am - Closing Ceremony
10am - 12pm Thank You Hours - Walk the track and meet the Relay Committee. Celebrate YOUR Relay!
Stick Around after the event (if you can stay awake) for the T1 Radio Annual "We Don't Wanna Go Home" party.

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