October 26, 2010

Our Final Big Brass Balls - Tonight!

Every Tuesday night for the past 2 1/2 years, with a handful of exceptions, we have gathered in Steam SkyCity to hear some wonderfully talented DJs spin whatever they want to play.
As a result, we have heard some truly amazing music and I have personally been introduced to many artists who are now favorites.
In that time, we have had many visitors to Caledon come through the Big Brass Balls. And no small number are still here! After the opening of Caledon Oxbridge University's Community Gateway, quite a number of folk who were new to the grid have also joined us for dancing, music and camaraderie.
The success of the Spring Fling dance after 2008's first Spring Egg Hunt was the catalyst for the Big Brass Balls. There was little to do on a Tuesday night at that time, and having a dance is usually Caledon's answer to all problems :)
I loved the idea of inviting DJs to come and share from their libraries, spinning the music that they love. By paying the DJs up front so they are not dependent upon tips, they did not feel that they had to spin what would be popular - but could be very experimental. I think this was successful. It also gave new DJs the opportunity to get their feet wet in a very fun and supportive environment.
Most importantly of all this, a big incentive for me to start the Big Brass Balls was the opportunity to have an excuse to get together with Vivito every week and to dance!
Our goals for the Big Brass Balls have been met - and with our family responsibilities and time demands offline it is time for us to move on.
The great news is that the Big Brass Balls will continue - to find out how you will have to come tonght and see!

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Palabra said...

The BBB will continue? How?! Oh, I knew I would regret going to bed early.