May 2, 2015

An Odd encounter in an alleyway.

Strolling the darkened street late one night I happened to come upon an elderly woman who was struggling with a large box. I offered to assist her, and she informed me that she had just finished clearing out the room of a tenant who had disappeared under very unusual circumstances.
After some prodding, she was willing to disclose that the tenant had been involved in some occult practices and had apparently vanished after completing a particularly involved and messy ritual. She was unsure as to how much of the ensuing chaos had been part of the rite and how much had been part of the tenant. Suffice to say she felt confident he would not be returning for his things.
Intrigued by this tale, I offered to take the entire box off her hands right then. She agreed quite readily and even refused payment, stating she just wanted the items gone.

Exploration of this collection of esoteric and odd items has revealed a few treasures that shall be revealed over the coming weeks.

Today, I present a somewhat stained and worn satchel that has been stitched with some arcane wisdom. As well as some tentacles...

* Bag is hand-dyed canvas embroidered on the front flap as well as beneath the front flap.

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CrowGirl said...

Ooh, I like it!