May 2, 2015

Day 2 - Inspired by a lovely friend in Canada.

Today's project was inspired by Jaelle!
The shawl is handwoven (not by me!) alpaca that I dyed a beautiful peacock blue, and then embroidered with some magic!

 *the tiny word below the text is ...sometimes

Also - I have decided to modify my month of projects. I caught myself deciding not to work on some projects because they would take more than a day to complete. Which really defeats the purpose. So I will post daily updates of works in progress if a project is going to take multiple days to finish!


CrowGirl said...

That is a GORGEOUS blue! What dye did you use?

Fogwoman Gray said...

It is some of Dharma Trading's fiber reactive dye. Is absolutely amazing on wools and silks. What I used for the purple silk velvet on my wedding dress!