July 24, 2010

Greetings from Sunny Acres Sanitorium!

My Dear Friend,

After a very, very long Season, my physician has ordered me to the country for a Rest. It is lovely here, with the Sisters taking us out for fresh air in the gardens when the weather is nice.

The laudanum tends to make me a bit sleepy, but all in all it is a wonderful restful place. The recurrent dreams of endlessly running have faded, and my compulsion to create blue boxes is nearly gone. I do still occasionally awake convinced I am a blue wolf - but the doctor says this too will fade in time. My terror of wedding cakes is fading as well, and the doctor says I am on the mend!

I will be in the Country for some time to complete my rest cure, but I am allowed occasional ventures in for those previous commitments that cannot be shirked.

I may do a bit of Traveling abroad before my return to Society, as I understand there are some fascinating things going on in the Martian colony.

As always, my friend, I wish you well.

Fogwoman Grey-Volare


Breezy Carver said...

Dear Lady Fogwoman

might i Highly recomend The The Saratoga Mineral Baths@ Saratoga Springs’ for you and yours ...


The Lincoln Mineral Baths were always my favorite smiles :)

((For Still state run operations quite the posh in any era ))
all the very best to YOU and YOURS
Lady Breezy

Rhianon Jameson said...

Enjoy the rest, madam! I implore you to think not at all of any possible mischief that might be going on in your absence.