July 23, 2010

Relay Wrap Up

The people of the Steamlands made a wonderful showing this year.
Between the teams of Caledon/Winterfell, NewBabbage, Armada and Steelhead/Steeltopia we have raised over $11,500US for Relay for Life.

Team Caledon and New Babbage made Diamond Team status by start of the Relay.
Steelhead Salmons made Platinum status by start of the Relay.

Team Caledon tied for 2nd place in the campsite awards for:
Awarded to the most unique and creative way of fund raising at your team campsite during the July Relay.

Team Caledon wond 3rd place for:
Awarded to a Returning team that displays organization and participation during the Relay Day event. This award is not about how much money is raised, but how well the team participates in their planned activities as well as the Relay activities,including walking the track.

Steamlanders made a great showing in the designer sims awards.
Awarded for the design that captures the essence, the reality and scale of the real or imaginary worlds they represent, and truly give us a world to call our own for a brief and unforgettable moment in time. For over-all atmosphere, ambiance and detail. For the clever way they took difficult requirements and made them into a center piece. For the tasteful and enlightening way of incorporating cancer awareness into a theme. For the best storytelling of Wishing On A Cure…Relay for Life theme.

Uni Ninetails took 2nd place
TotalLunar Eclipse and Tensai Hilra took 3rd place in a tie that also included Alix Stoanes

This has been an amazing Relay season, and despite the dire financial times that many find themselves in this year, people have pulled together to not only raise money, but to raise awareness and offer hope and support to those affected by cancer.
And it makes me prouder than ever to belong to the Steamlands Community in Second Life.

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Rhianon Jameson said...

Wonderful news all around!

My heartiest congratulations to you, Mrs. Volare, and the other team captains, organizers, and movers and shakers in the Steamlands. You deserve a nice, long rest. :)