August 15, 2010

Making a move

Most of our friends are aware that Vivito and I are planning a move south next Summer. Both our families need us, and we need a much bigger place closer to a major medical center for my parents to come live with us.
The upshot is that after a lot of trying to make it work we have admitted that there isn't any way we can make it to SteamCon this year. We are obviously disappointed, but SteamCon III will be in our backyard next year.
We prepaid our tickets at last year's Con, so we will be financially supporting them a bit anyway.
I am certainly disappointed to be unable to do a lot of the things I was planning, and sorry to be unable to help as I had wished. But I know our friends understand the needs of family taking precedence.
We are going to be utilizing our mad building skillz on offline projects here at home, and wishing that it was as easy as rezzing, torturing and texturing prims!


Rhianon Jameson said...

Ah yes, families. The ones who have to take you in when you show up.

Much as I like to think of the various Steamlanders as part of my extended family, in my more lucid moments I recognize the distinction between the two Grids. You and Mr. V. are absolutely right to put the flesh-and-blood avatars first.

Good luck with the move - always a painful process at best.

Muse Carmona said...

Hi Fogwoman,

Sorry to hear you're not going, I was really looking forward to meeting you!

Good luck with the move south and the other challenges in your life.

If tickets are transferable, some friends and I are interested in going, and we'd be glad to buy yours. Just send me a message in world or to muse at thevesuviusgroup dot com.

Miss Muse Carmona

Fogwoman Gray said...

Thanks :)
South is all relative of course, being in Alaska. Seattle area is where we are looking, with a target of next summer.
The "tickets" were actually preregistration done last year and so we are in their database under our names. Not transferrable, I fear.